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Tanvi's Birthday Party at home
Tanvi_birthday_party.JPG Tanvi_with_birthday_cake.JPG

Guided tour of the Tenom park, thanks to Tony and Anthea Lamb.

Tanya_and_Tanvi.JPG Tanuj_with_a_tribal_hat.JPG
Aren't they cute

Luna_with_Umbrella.JPG Luna_with_tony_lamb.JPG
Luna is all attention!!, Wonder when is the viva?

All_aboard_the_park_explorer.JPG In_the_park_explorer.JPG
Going around the Tenom park in comfort

Tanya with a giant water lily plant

Tanya_with_giant_water_lily.JPG Luna_and_kids_at_the_lakeside_restaurant.JPG
Resting time!

Can you see the waterfall in the background?

Family_photo_at_Tenom_Orchid_centre.JPG Luna_and_Tanya_walking_away_from_an_orchid_collection.JPG
At the orchid garden

Under_an_elephant_ear_plant_1.JPG Under_an_elephant_ear_plant.JPG
Under the shade of a big elephant ear plant!!

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